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The best recruitment for any organization, be it of any type, kind or size happens when the recruiter understands the specific requirements of the vacancy in question and determines the unique solution to be presented to jobseekers and clients alike. We at Dream Peddlers are committed towards finding the best job for each and every deserving candidate, so that their dream of a successful career is fulfilled. Hence our tag-line “Tell us your dream and we will make it a reality”. We endeavour to build tailor-made relationship with each of our clients and jobseekers as we understand every need is distinctly different.

As our name suggests, by selecting Dream Peddlers as a HR partner, the recruiting company is guaranteed on a dream partnership and a perennial relationship to take care of all their Human Resources requirements. We specialize in opportune hiring solutions to solve our clients' needs, with an apt focus on integrating business stratagem using people management. We use the most modern methods, as currently prevalent in the U.S. as well as most of the Western world, whether in recruiting, staffing, training or consulting.

Our team here in Dream Peddlers has an widespread network of associates and contacts, not only in Kolkata but all over India, especially in cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, N.C.R. (notably Gurgaon), and Pune. We strongly believe and take pride in our organizational strength to match up to your demands, and also to function as an extension of your HR department. So that at the end, you get the satisfaction you rightfully deserve.

Total Portfolio of Services Provided by Dream Peddlers

Dream Peddlers currently offers the wide spectrum of all kinds of services which are associated with Human Resource Management and specializes in recruitment and staffing for its clientele.
The wide spectrum of services currently on offer can be listed as the following particulars:

• People Management
• Consulting Services
• HR Solutions
• Manpower Resources
• Business Management – HR
• Recruitment Catering/ Talent Recruiting


Dream Peddlers also undertakes a wide range of training and coaching activities, mainly corporate as well as collegiate. The varied training courses on offer are as follows:


Training in an Interactive Framework with Fun is the complete full form of TIFFUN. These trainings have the following advantages:

• Consists of Modules which are all short spanned – helps retention
• Each Module carries on to the next one easily – aids in orientation
• Each Module starts with a video and ends with a fun filled activity – focuses attention
• All the members attending are each made to ask and answer – helps participation
• Each Module is composed of Hidden Team Building exercises – helps in integration
• Each Module contains exercises for all the attendants – results in competition

TIFFUN is mainly Corporate Training wherein we also tie – up with several well known and top – notch Corporate Trainers across India from Chandigarh, New Delhi and Gurgaon and to Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. This is for the higher end training expertise required for the workshops held for the benefit of the white – collared workforce of our esteemed clientele. There are various kinds of workshops with individual or collective focus on a varied set of particulars, a few examples of which are furnished as the following:

• Business Forecasting (Market Forecasting for Marketers)
• Risk Calculation
• Basic Financial Analysis (for non-financial background staff)
• Business Etiquettes
• Team Building (Focus on respective Organizational Culture)
• General Social Etiquettes and Group Behaviour
• Effective Communication (Along with BizComm and MarComm)
• Business Writing with an emphasis on Letter Writing
• Proper English for Business (Verbal and Written)
• Sales training (the Formulas which sell and help you to sell)

The Modules are designed quite differently than the usual boring training sessions which are in vogue at the present moment. These Modules which constitute our overall training sessions do not rely solely on PowerPoint presentations unlike the usual ones. PowerPoint presentations are used only when necessary, and are aided by Course Materials which are provided free of cost at the start of each Module, depending upon what that respective Module pertains to. Videos are used whenever necessary, as they help in capturing the attention of all present and also eradicates the boredom which is associated with the normal mundane sessions.

We represent the Interactive Way of learning which is Fun filled and designed to make the participants enjoy the fruits of training as well as help them retain the basic information which was the desire in the first place. All the Modules have some group activities as well as individual ones. While the former aid in Team Building and shows the attendants how to manage within a team and the basic benefits of coordination: the latter help in Leadership Building, showcasing the qualities hidden in each and every person, e.g. the pioneering spirit as well as volunteering abilities. We also show them excerpts from interviews with well known Industry leaders, and explain the qualities which they try to make all imbibe. Last but not the least, when a particular Module ends, all are asked what they learned and also every doubt or even the minutest of queries are explained logically.

2) S-I-M-O

It is the name given to the Training we impart to young and would be graduates of any discipline in colleges and universities, generally in the penultimate semesters or modules. This Training is extremely important as it covers those aspects of one’s necessary education that are usually never taken care of under any Guide Lines or Syllabus or any Curriculum. These are important for the future success of each and every student as these trainings bridge the gap between college and career, or the life in an institution and the future organization.

The Basic Modules under our Collegiate Training or S – I – M – O are:

 S – Soft Skills – basic skills required in the industry
• Common mistakes in English
• Voice moderation and modulation
• Accent or MTI correction – Importance of Neutral Accent
• How to attend Group Discussions

I – Interview Basics – how to attend interviews and succeed
• Eradicating your nervousness
• Dress codes for interviews
• Resume presentation – the Ivy League Way
• Selling yourself to the man behind the desk

M – MS – Office Training
• Common mistakes in written communication
• What not to do in presentations
• Basic Business writing
• The KISS Principle – making things easier

O – Office Decorum
• Usual management practices
• Productivity and calmness under pressure
• Team building – blend in but stand out
• To win at work using small tips

3) We also train for the following courses with free Course Materials and graduating Certificates:

• Business Writing with an emphasis on Letter Writing
• Effective Communication (Along with BizComm and MarComm)
• Common and prevalent Business Etiquettes
• Interview Tips for the general job-seeker (Plus Mock Interview sessions)
• Integrated Leadership Training Module for Corporates
• Proper English for Business (Verbal and Written)
• Effective Presentation Coaching
• The Art of Public Speaking (As well as Group Discussions)
• General Social Etiquettes and Group Behaviour
• Team Building (Focus on respective Organizational Culture)
• Training for TORA, TALLY, SPSS, SAP, SAS, AutoCAD, Revitt, 3D Home, 3DS Max and Adobe Photoshop are also provided as Certificate Courses as tie – ups with centres or in – house modules

The following best describes our comprehensive portfolio and outlook of services offered. ... more

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