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People Management

• Effective People Management skills are one of the most valued components of general management practices today.

• We deliver value-added services to our client organizations by providing competent people matching their exact requirements.

• We also value and take into account the expectations and aspirations of the prospective candidates.

• We counsel the candidates on the parameters between their competencies and the expectations of the organizations they aspire to join.

• This commitment of ours is reflected in all our assignments. In order to deliver consistently, we seek and build productive partnerships with other professionals and organizations.

• Dream Peddlers is the extended people management company of choice for our clients.

• Our team of qualified specialists offers a consultative approach to our clients’ people management needs and business objectives, thus furnishing the best available talent for them.

Business Management - HR

• Dream Peddlers provides Group Assists’ solutions solution to help a company cut costs and manage human resources in the currently growing global economy.

• Dream Peddlers assists its clients on every aspect of Business Management as far as all Human Resources activities and consulting is concerned.

• Dream Peddlers aids any or all stages of such process out-sourcing and hiring process in a way that is efficient, effective, aligned with business goals and legally defensible to deliver a competitive edge.

• We understand that proper staffing has become critical in lieu of the diverse issues faced by organizations as they move to tackle the challenges in today’s complex business environment.

• We work with our clients to identify their staffing requirements and meet those requirements by providing the most qualified resources.

Consulting Services

• Dream Peddlers Consulting assists clients in defining and addressing people-related business issues that shape company goals and priorities and enable the effective implementation of business strategies.

• We help clients design and implement change initiatives and achieve business objectives by managing people more effectively.

• Dream Peddlers is one of the leading Consultancy Service providers of India that develops and provides Employers with innovative hiring products and services. We specialize in the Executive Search and recruitment of top-notch professionals at senior and middle management levels across a broad range of industries including IT,ITES, Analytics, FMCG, Telecommunications, Electronics, etc.

• We have major satisfied organizations across the globe in all the fields. For many MNCs and large organizations in India and abroad, we have the credit for providing high quality executives in various fields across all levels of management.

HR Solutions

• We work collaboratively with clients, both line and human resource executives, in planning and implementing changes in organization and people management.

• Our interactive approach leverages and strengthens client capabilities and is, therefore, highly cost-effective. As a result, we have developed continuing relationships with many of our clients, not merely one-time assignments.

• Human resource management policies are vital for organizations that are serious about resolving personnel issues and finding HR solutions.

• Dream Peddlers HR solutions provide clients with professional human resource advice, human resource policy solutions, and job description writing and evaluation services.

• Our products and services are intended to help you maximize the effectiveness of your Human Resources function. These products and services incorporate our years of experience so that you receive rapid results and superior value.

• Our comprehensive HR Solutions are customized to your company’s size and industry.

• We effect the necessary changes that are required to take your organization to the next level by consulting, planning, implementing and supporting the most modern methods of Human Resources possible today.

Recruitment Catering/Talent Recruiting

• Business success increasingly demands recruitment and development of the right talent, high performance, individuals and organizational learning, and effective change.

• Practice of refined process for greater leverage in the business environment sets the foundation for a successful delivery model to the clients.

• At Dream Peddlers Consulting, we are your corporate benefits specialists.

• We have something unique called TALEC for Candidates and RECATER for Clients which ensures the best HR Recruitment overdrive i.e. THE RIGHT PEOPLE FOR THE RIGHT POSITION.

Our recruitment based activities (a unique method called Talent Recruiting) include:

• Executive Search
• Coordinating/Schedule meeting with candidates
• Referrals from our own database
• Recruitment Coordination
• Tabulation of Summary Resumes
• First level technical screening through external panel
• Resume collection and Preliminary Screening

Our recruitment based activities for the CLIENTS (a unique method called Recruitment Catering or RECATER) include:

• Discussion with the clients i.e. organizations to understand their unique requirements
• Procuring the necessary details about the candidates
• Making necessary changes in the search process to suit the exact needs of the positions
• Co-ordination with the clients regarding the changes effected
• Executive search for the right people for the vacancies in question
• Interviews and collective screening along with all details
• Furnishing any training which may be required for any particular post
• This enhances the perfect recruitment for any organization for diverse positions

Manpower Resources

• We perform contracting and Full-Time placement services for our clients by employing a proven methodology for the selection of talented professionals from the vast pool of resources available in today's competitive labour market.

• As discussed before, we also deal with the shortcoming of any particular candidate by providing the necessary training to him/her to assist in recruitment and also furnishing the perfect “Tailor-made” candidate for the particular position(s) in question.

• Dream Peddlers is a professional HR, recruitment, selection, outsourcing and manpower sourcing company and provides all type of skilled and semiskilled workforce for various sectors as well as organizations in various lines of business.

• Dream Peddlers has a flexible approach and can work to specific requirements of particular projects / clients, and can also form and provide a complete team of workers and specialists, who can carry out common or specific tasks independently.

Our manpower resourcing based activities include:

• Resourcing
• Organizational Development
• Resource Deployment Management
• Compensation Benefits
• Performance management
• Retention
• Learning & Development
• Total Quality Management (TQM)


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